Our approach


Let’s face it – our digital world is fast. So fast, in fact, that the companies and people operating in the digital world often find it hard to get the help they need, especially when they most need it. We exist to help fill that need.

When growing a new e-commerce or startup business, or working in a digital marketing function, there are generally one of three things always missing: time, money and certain knowledge.



would allow owners and digital professionals to get everything they need to get done.



would allow them to buy in all of the help and traffic they need and will need, especially in the absence of time.



would allow people to proceed in full certainty that all decisions they make are 100% perfect.

We all know the ambition of always solving these problems is laudable, but not likely to reliably become reality.

 The Hothouse Initiative is a new way of bridging these gaps. We enable entrepreneurs and professionals to learn and build their knowledge and business in a time and result-focused manner, while internalising the systems and skills needed at their company and thereby building lasting value.

We will never manage to totally eliminate the three-headed dragon of time, money and knowledge issues in a fast-moving environment – but we want to come pretty damned close.



We use a tight working group structure for learning and results to enable the participants to work on THEIR business and marketing issues and then report back to their company. People learn more, can drive their work activities forward together, and work in a subject area is accredited to each participant individually based on a knowledge framework.


Who is it for?

It’s for people running a startup (service or product), an e-commerce business or in a digital role at a larger business where people often already operate as startups and change-makers and have to bring the digital growth mindset into their company.