Practitioner Programme


Our Practitioner Programme is aimed at people in digital, marketing and communications roles at larger, and even smaller companies.  The objective is to help them manage their daily tasks and business goals and be able to practically and strategically build their online presence and metrics.

There are a number of modules which participants can choose between with a minimum of 2 sessions for each module. The modules offered are in SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media strategy, Twitter, Snapchat, Adwords and Content Marketing. We will add further modules to the programme based on demand from participants.

The programme is taken on a subscription basis as is our other programmes with a minimum sign-up period of 2 months and 2 physical group sessions focused on 1 particular module.

Rolling, tailored modules in this programme


Once your page is set up what can you do with Facebook? We cover strategies, audience analysis, tracking and integration with other platforms including your website, organic and advertising strategies  and tools.


Fast, real-time and full of opportunity – we learn and practice organic and paid Twitter visibility and strategies.


Snapchat is up-and-coming and for the right company has huge potential – we cover theory and practice and metrics in succeeding on the platform.


The B2B network is already huge and still growing – we plan and execute a LinkedIn presence and engagement strategy in organic and paid LinkedIn.


We cover everything from keyword research and strategy, optimisation, personas in search to the tools used to analyse your traffic in your working group.