Driving traffic and leads online is not really that difficult – any advertising company is more than willing to give you a steady stream of traffic, which we hope they hope will turn into leads and real business for your company. The reality is that traffic is simple – the right traffic is a little bit harder. It all originates in the strategy, tools and assets you bring to the table.

But you don’t have to spend months wrangling and mangling out a strategy to see if it works for you.  Most of the time you, in your role, and the company, already hold most of the answers, and the broad yet niched landscape of the Internet and your customers hold the rest of them. 

Recurring systems and traffic

We set up total systems for businesses to thrive online and offline. Depending on the type of business we take a short to long-term view of what the business needs to achieve and then set about setting up the systems, and driving in the traffic and leads to support that plan.  Activities can cover everything from advising on website content and structure, ads, software in order to get started quickly, to designing complete systems to deliver an end-to-end customer nurturing programme for our clients.

As we build and drive we always transfer as much knowledge internally to our clients as possible – the more independent they are in running the digital aspects of the business the better. In short, our job is to set up the stage, the inputs and the systems- then once established we endeavour to pass as much over to our client as possible to run internally.  Often clients want us to remain as a sounding board afterwards which of course we are delighted to do.