Weekend workshop for teenagers in Galway in digital, startup & coding

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We are running this weekend in Galway together with Educated Machine – here’s a sign-up below and description of the weekend. Please feel free to share with teenagers interested in digital, tech, design, coding or startups.  Run on 24th and 25th of March!



What is it?

A short, focused weekend allowing teenagers from 12 up to 18 to define a digital project they want to run from start to finish in a 2-day period. The focus of their project can be for instance coding an app, building a website, making a bot, a YouTube channel, or SnapChat account.


What’s different?
You get to work directly with the tools, making and building something over the weekend. A lot less talking and a lot more doing is the goal. If you are building a website, we show how to use the tools and then help you build your site, if you are building a bot we will guide you through the different concepts and then help you construct your bot and if you are launching a YouTube channel we will show you the key concepts and then help you record and launch your channel.

What do they get from it?

The participants learn how to define a digital project, the inputs involved, what is important to measure and get to dip their collective toes into developing ideas, creativity and meeting challenges. Not all of the participants will have a successful project at the end of it measured in terms of completeness, views or clicks as this depends on the complexity of each project, but all will have developed the tools and mindset to do so in the future. Key skills learned include basic coding, coding concepts, digital projects, defining a target group, defining outcomes, presenting an idea, building a digital presence, data analysis and teamwork.


The participants meet over the weekend – in the first day they describe, define and start building their project. In the second day they continue building their project and then present their project to the group.  Where possible they will put their project live and drive traffic.


Where and how long?

In Galway city centrally, from 10am to 5.00pm Sat/Sun.

How much?

It is being run at cost-covering level, with a sponsorship cost of 75 euros per participant.


24th and 25th of March.


Who is it for?

Any teenager interested in tech, coding, business, creativity or marketing is welcome to apply. There are 10 spots available on the weekend programme.


Who is it run by?

Run by Hothouse Initiative and Educated Machine in collaboration.



Chris Mortimer 085 720 5559

Micheál Reilly 087 0533 487

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